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Nevertheless, I'm not concerned with vicious, I'm concerned about the jump between hard and say it is "normalized", all I'm getting from that is that hard has been changed to fit some nice number scheme, but that unfair is basically the same as it used to be...since this patch will nerf hard, that will exacerbate the jump between hard and unfair, which I would think is a serious problem..already enough people were upset about the jump from normal to hard is testament to the importance of smaller jumps between difficulty...If too many people are beating vicious easily and on a regular basis, it seems the solution is to add an extra difficulty level and lessen the gaps between them, not to increase the gaps....The jump between hard and normal may or may not be too severe (before 1.82), honestly I have no clue...What I do know is that the jump between hard and unfair is really bad, and by nerfing hard, that jump is going to be outrageous..hard needs to be nerfed then so be it, but then unfair also needs to be nerfed...If the jump between unfair and cruel becomes an issue, then add a difficulty level in between unfair and cruel...I suppose I am looking to see why it stated that there is a large base of people who finish a game within one hour.

But based off the last 2 games i played recently, things went bit extreme the other way now, it felt way too easy.

Ironclad Games and Stardock Entertainment are pleased to announce the release of the v1.82 BETA version for Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion.

This update is largely designed to address balance issues with the Stellar Phenomena DLC, but also contains several other fixes.

Are they using cheat codes to advance quicker to victory or little itty bitty maps?

The issue is not that unfair is too difficult..issue is that for a developing player, the jump between hard and unfair is too large..size and number of humans vs. The whole logic behind nerfing the hard AI is so that the gap between normal and hard is not so big..was specifically done for SP guys who are not pros at this game or for people new to Sins..only makes sense that the same thing would be done for going from hard to unfair, since those are difficulty levels appealing to essentially the same crowd...

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Playing the BETA on ICO: Why was the resource/income bonus for Hard AI decreased?

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