Spanking marriage dating

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Spanking marriage dating

I knew he wouldn’t forget infractions that made it so obvious that I needed a spanking.

Your goal for your wife is that she be reflective, remorseful, and surrendered during the punishment. An effective way to allow both of you to get into the right state of mind is by beginning the session with a brief time out.

In the heat of the moment initially after a rule is broken, neither of you are likely in the right state of mind. This time out should occur in the same location where the spanking will occur – I recommend your bedroom unless there is some logistical reason that makes this impossible.

In our house, this means that before a spanking punishment my wife will go stand facing the corner in our bedroom to quietly reflect on whatever rule she broke, while I spend time in prayer and preparation.

This post is intended to serve as a starting point to help you along your journey.

Once you have determined that your wife has earned a spanking, the most important task at hand is getting both of you into the proper mindset. You should never deliver a spanking when you are angry or upset.

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Prior to the spanking, you should bare her bottom – lifting up her skirt or lowering her pants (depending on what she is wearing), and then lowering her panties so her bottom is completely bare. We normally use the classic over-the-knee position, where I will sit on the edge of the bed or in a chair, and then drape her over my lap.

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