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Speed dating lausanne switzerland

(or what sort of system is there in place in Europe ? Is a individual driving a 2am at this speed likely to cause a accident at 2am? If they'd have took these pictures at 1pm in the afternoon they would have had more credibilty I reckon. now good question - I was driving non-swiss rego'd car (a friend on mine from Czech Rep.

) he tells me he did not receive any nasty letters from Switzerland yet, this was in July/August The first link makes me laugh, the guy is doing 180kmh at 1.30am in the morning, if he want's to kill himself fair enough, what's that in mph 110? The plates also look german which means that car is more than likely used to the speed on autobahns The second pic in the series is a mini (looks italian) at 170kmh again 2.30am what has this to do with road safety? let me used his car), do you reckon he'll receive those fines ?

The general rule is that the wider the distribution of the diagram (grey area), the lower the reliability of the forecast.

The mini looks italian due to the plate/writing size, the letter blur seems wider rather than x2 distinctive rows. I'm sick of this, what they're saying is by using that phone F you all.

I'm more important and my call than everyone else's road safety.

In the UK since speed camera introduction (camera ridden unlike Europe) the sight of a traffic policeman is a rarity. Yet I am meant to watch my speedo rather than the upcoming events on the road in front.

I was driving in my french car and got flashed and three months later a nice bill arrived at my house in France...

I'm very pleased that I can avoid you by taking the train.

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Hi Everyone, I am new to the Swiss French area and to radars in general to be honest.