Speed dating omaha library

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Speed dating omaha library

Plus speed dating allows you to have multiple dates at one event and is less awkward than a blind date.” Last year for Chinese Valentine’s Day, the Central Library did a dating event that involved more than 100 attendees with more group activities.Xue received some feedback that suggested more one-on-one conversation opportunities, which inspired the speed dating idea for this year’s theme.Chen felt that people in his generation are either busy working or getting their education, which sometimes leaves very little time to get to meet new people.On the other hand, Sam Kwan, 29, whose cousin works at the Seattle Public Library, felt there are plenty of opportunities to make new friends. “I just come out and have fun.” Librarian Nonie Xue said the speed dating event turned out to be a success with great participants.Check out her jewelry line at etsy.com/shop/matherita.In order to ensure equal numbers of men and women at our events, everyone must register in advance.When asked whether being a woman has impacted her career, she acknowledged the fact that most library directors used to be men, but it has mostly leveled out in recent years; perspective lay more in character.“I truly love working for visionary leaders.In 2007 I interviewed at Virginia Tech, was being poached by a company in Seattle, and then I visited Omaha and met Rivkah Sass.

“I actually didn’t know much about speed dating myself,” Xue said.“It was sort of a new concept to me and probably a lot of the Chinese people.” “Some of them seemed a bit shy but they were all excited to try something new,” Xue said.“I think nowadays young people are doing more online dating but I think meeting someone new in person still interests people.The job opened up in Omaha, and she visited and loved the broadness and welcoming nature of Omaha’s culture and arts scene.“I’ve lived in a lot of places, metropolitan cities, but Omaha has a unique diverse population that is also open to new ideas and shows potential to be even greater.” Since her move here in 2008 she has not only become an active player in the cultural scene socially and individually, but has opened up the library to innovative functions, with a goal to make it the “place to be”—not just to pick up books, but to engage, listen and build on ideas as a community.This year’s (downtown) omaha lit fest is a prime example.

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Said Mather, it is a true collaboration between Omaha Public Library and lit fest director Timothy Schaffert.“The festival in its entirety is Schaffert’s brainchild,” she said, “but we brainstormed together on the layout of events, and I as the library representative help with the event coordination logistics.”Mather has worked with Schaffert and the lit fest for a couple of years and counts it as one of the highlights of her position.“I just love it all—Meeting the writers in town, talking to the panelists and getting feedback from people that come through, its always enjoyable and invigorating.”Of course her job doesn’t stop there– she’s continuously planning and looking forward to the next event, big or small, to reach out and get people in to the library in hopes that they see what she sees—a place for learning, conversation and community.“Whatever Mathers,” a recently started creative conversation podcast hosted by herself with a “revolving cast of surprise guests from all walks of the creative landscape” produced by Bryce Bridges is another collaborative and community-building concept.

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