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(Dee is very conspicuously missing.) Mac insists that they had nothing to do with what happened.The detective interrogating them tells them that in the other room, he has 15 wedding guests with various injuries, a groom with his face half chewed off -- and a missing bride.Dennis resolves to not be distracted by this, and again asks her to sign the documents, but then Maureen's maids-of-honor show up and shoo him away. Dennis goes to find Charlie and Mac, and asks them to help him find Liam to get his signature.

Dennis insists that that's not what he was there to do at all: he was there to make sure the wedding happened. Dennis, Charlie, and Mac are on a bus, heading to Maureen Ponderosa's wedding, which is being held in a secluded location out in the woods.But soon, the red light of a police car and the sound of a siren is heard, and the voice of a police officer comes over a bullhorn, telling them to stay where they are.We next see the four of them in a police interrogation room.He says that since the four of them were not invited to the wedding, their presence there is suspicious.He particularly focuses on some marks on Dennis' neck.

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