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The real world brooklyn dating

Such honours would make a welcome change from, for example, Tony Blair’s knighthood for Philip Green, “for services to the retail industry” in 2006.A report by MPs says that Sir Philip should be stripped of his knighthood, because he “systematically extracted hundreds of millions of pounds from BHS”, leaving a £570 million hole in its pension fund.Michael Gallagher, whose son Aiden was among 29 people killed, is attempting to have the British refusal to hold a public inquiry judicially reviewed.The case centres on claims that a range of British agencies, including MI5 and RUC Special Branch, could have prevented the attack.WHILE the rest of the world celebrates New Year with parties and fireworks, the British also use the occasion to claim they still have an empire.Yes, it is time for the New Year’s honours list when, in recognition for their services to the crown, Her Majesty appoints Commanders, Officers and Members of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire.Others who deserve honours include people engaged in voluntary and charity work, such as organising food banks for those among us who would go hungry without them.The most appropriate honour for them would be a society in which there is no hunger.

That has not stopped the Stormont executive from planning to send children from all our schools to visit and glorify the Somme, where thousands died so that the British Empire could continue to inflict murder, starvation and famine on those who dared to oppose it.Today, it consists of 14 overseas territories, including the Pitcairn Islands (population: 48) and South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands (population: 99, none of them permanent).In addition to CBEs, OBEs and MBEs, the Queen also appoints Knights and Dames (well, it is the pantomime season) of various types, including some within the Most Honourable Order of the Bath.This was only fair, since Mr Cameron’s barber had received an MBE in 2014, “for services to hairdressing.” (On that basis you deserve an award “for services to newspaper reading”.) One of Mr Cameron’s former advisers, Steve Hilton (who did not receive an award) says the honours system is “a serious type of very British corruption”.But even without the cronyism, it is hard to avoid the conclusion that at best the honours system is a bit silly and at worst divisive, pretentious and even downright obnoxious.

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This is for members only & there is no charge but you must RSVP ~ ASAP to Rose Coulson 347-866-1848 or Steve Kiernan 917-886-8677. Posted by Jim on December 24, 2016 The High Court in Belfast has allowed the British government to hold a secret hearing in a legal action over the alleged cover-up of the 1998 Real IRA Omagh bombing.