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I have not really had anyone complain about my hairy chest, besides the variable taste of people means that you will never be everything to everyone.

Some women like a hairy bloke while no bloke I know likes a hairy-legged woman. I don't like my partner to look like a 12 year old.Instead it's the case of the missing body hair, of English comedian Russell Brand to be exact.One minute he's sporting a hirsute chest of burgeoning, curling, carpet-like chest hair, and the next he's as smooth as a baby's butt as he frolics about shirtless on the beach.Plus I save loads on razors." But marketing gurus aren't so sure.According to the findings published in The Journal of Marketing Communications, men with neat, medium-length beards were considered more credible and knowledgeable that those who were clean-shaven.

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