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This is another popular Twitter add-on that shouldn’t be overlooked, as combined with the power of Firefox, it adds all sorts of cool options to the Twitter web interface.

They received thousands of messages of encouragement from proud fans across India Thanks @bengalurufc for making us dream.It was another weekend of football around my house.With the Chicago Cubs going down in 3, my hope was for a good showing by my college teams and the Bears to win over the Lions. As I wrote up my experience with Live Streaming MLB Playoffs, I started to be upset at myself for not commenting on the better NFL experience. Sunday Night Football with John Madden and Al Michaels is a great way to wind down from the weekend for me.While there have been wide-spread rumors of an IPO coming down the pipe, confirmation would still be pretty major news in the world of finance.But, of course, as the Fox headline suggests, they know about as much as anyone else does at this point: "Twitter Confirms IPO -- Or Maybe Not." The first few graphs of the story make it pretty clear that they have no facts to support the first half of that headline: The notoriously tight-lipped social networking site has remained even more tight-lipped with the press amid speculation that the company is planning to go public sometime next year.

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But today, the company possibly for the first time, provided some “detail” about its future. The next graph cites the online source all business reporters turn to when they need to decode complicated statements from PR flacks: the one and only Urban Dictionary [sic]: According to the Urban Dictionary a “…”, also known as an ellipses, can be interpreted “to indicate the omission or suppression of a word or phrase.

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