Types of testing in validating website

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Types of testing in validating website

Meta description and keyword tags aren’t as important for SEO (at least for the major search engines anyway), but it’s still a good idea to include them.Change the description on each page to make it relate to that page’s content, because this is often what Google displays in its search result description.Add clear headings throughout, and use lists so that users can scan easily. You may often forget to add “ to links to external websites. They should stand out from the other text on the page. If you have a contact form, test it and copy yourself so that you can see what comes through.Don’t forget about dynamic text too, such as alert boxes. Make sure your logo links to the home page, a common convention. Don’t underline text that isn’t a link because it will confuse users. Get others to test your website, and not just family and friends but the website’s target market. It’s amazing what you’ll pick up on when others use your website differently than how you assume they’d use it.Common things to check for are contact forms, search functions, shopping baskets and log-in areas.Your website should work with Java Script turned off.Get your users back on track by providing a useful 404 page that directs them to the home page or suggests other pages they may be interested in.Another defensive design technique is checking your forms for validation.

To have the greatest chance of meeting all of your testing goals, we recommend a combination of the above.

You’ll want to configure your website for optimal performance.

You should do this on an ongoing basis after launch, but you can take a few simple steps before launch, too.

Try submitting unusual information in your form fields (e.g.

lots of characters, letters in number fields, etc.) and make sure that if there is an error, the user is provided with enough feedback to be able to fix it.

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Users often have Java Script turned off for security, so you should be prepared for this. Test your forms to make sure they still perform server-side validation checks, and test any cool AJAX stuff you have going on.

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