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If your application uses Flex Builder Professional features such as data visualization components or automated testing, you will need to copy those elements from the latest milestone SDK that came with Flex Builder into your newly downloaded SDK.I am trying to develop an app for Iphone using Flash Builder / Flex Mobile.Here are some instructions on how to do it with Intelli J I should add that I'm not sure if updating the SDK will solve any XML parsing issues you have.But, it's tough to say for sure since you went into no details on what those issues are.This sort of implies that I have done something wrong as it doesn’t know it’s a flex mobile app.I think it has upgraded air to 3.7 as the namespace in the xml file has 3.7 in it, I have also made sure to add the –sef-verson=20 in the compiler.So I have downloaded the "Flex SDK version is the latest production quality release" and installed it: However this seems to be a version, which differs very little from the stock Flex SDK included with Flash Builder 4.6 originally. fresh, but also tested/stable) source for Flex SDK, which would be suitable for Flash Builder 4.6?

I am not aware of any updates to Flex 4.6 since it's release late last November. I believe the bulk of Adobe's work around Flex has been getting legal approval to submit Flex to Apache. You can download the source for the Adobe Flex SDK from opensource.

Nightly and stable builds are meant to be used in Flex Builder by adding them as an Installed SDK.

Please note that the release of a milestone build will usually have an associated automatic update to Flex Builder that will include all relevant files.

When i submitted to the app store it was rejected due to an invalid binary.

I tracked this down to needing to update the Air SDK to 3.7.

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