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Updating strings into access database

You can also specify whether the first returned row (if it exists) is applied to the changed row in the Data Table.

The following table describes the different values of the Update Row Source enumeration and how they affect the behavior of a command used with a Data Adapter.

The Original value is the value that was used to populate the Data Table from the data source.The Update method resolves your changes back to the data source; however other clients may have modified data at the data source since the last time you filled the Data Set.To refresh your Data Set with current data, use the Data Adapter and Fill method.New rows will be added to the table, and updated information will be incorporated into existing rows.The Fill method determines whether a new row will be added or an existing row will be updated by examining the primary key values of the rows in the Data Set and the rows returned by the Select Command.

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When you call the Update method, the Data Adapter analyzes the changes that have been made and executes the appropriate command (INSERT, UPDATE, or DELETE).