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Validating training

If children's education in the UK ever actually worked well, successive governments managed to wreck it by the 1980s, and have made it worse since then.This was achieved by the imposition of a ridiculously narrow range of skills and delivery methods, plus similarly narrowly-based testing criteria and targets, and a self-defeating administrative burden.Multiple Intelligence theory (section includes free self-tests) is extremely relevant to training and learning.This model helps address natural abilities and individual potential which can be hidden or suppressed in many people (often by employers).And since people's commitment to learning relies so heavily on confidence and a belief that the learning is achievable, the way that tests and assessments are designed and managed, and results presented back to the learners, is a very important part of the learning and development process.People can be switched off the whole idea of learning and development very quickly if they receive only negative critical test results and feedback. Encourage and support - don't criticize without adding some positives, and certainly never focus on failure, or that's just what you'll produce.

W Leslie Rae has written over 30 books on training and the evaluation of learning - he is an expert in his field.Assessment and evaluation (and children's testing) will not ensure effective learning and development if the training and development has not been properly designed in the first place.Lessons for the workplace are everywhere you look within children's education, so please forgive this diversion..Also see Bloom's Taxonomy of learning domains, which establishes fundamental principles for training design and evaluation of learning, and thereby, training effectiveness.Erik Erikson's Psychosocial (Life Stages) Theory is very helpful in understanding how people's training and development needs change according to age and stage of life.

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