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Brad Pitt’s ex-wife Angelina Jolie is the actor’s real ladylove at present, reports suggested.In September, the “Maleficent” actress filed for divorce from “The Curious Case of Benjamin” actor. However, divorce speculations already plagued their relationship even before she called it quits.He also became more and more interested in being a rock and roll star as he got older which meant late nights in blues clubs the studio.He would also go on these roller coaster emotional swings which were really hard on Amber. We misinterpreted his comments and arrived at the inaccurate conclusion that he and Heard began dating before he had separated from Paradis.Amid the unending rumors that Vanessa Paradis is back to being Johnny Depp girlfriend, an old allegation has come back.With barely a year before they tied the knot, they already put an end to it.“They were flirting with each other in a quiet corner at the end of the bar and didn’t seem to care who was looking,” a source reportedly shared with “OK! Recent rumors stated that Johnny Depp might be enjoying a romantic affair with Angelina Jolie. Is there something fishy going on between Pitt and Depp? The National Enquirer, via Gossip Cop, claimed that Jolie is Depp’s girlfriend.Are they dating after having failed relationship with their previous partners? The report alleged that the latter’s ex-husband, Brad Pitt, might have gotten “berserk” to know that he was ditched for her “The Tourist” co-star.“Angie welcomed Johnny’s calls when he reached out to her after her split from Brad,” a source reportedly shared.

In truth, Depp has stated that his romantic relationship with Heard began not on set, but rather during the film's press tour, at which time, he had already separated from Paradis.Johnny Depp won’t find sympathy in his ex, Vanessa Paradis.Even though reports claim that Vanessa did not approve of Amber Heard, a source tells Hollywood that she thinks that Johnny was “reckless” with his money and is hurt that he would not sign a prenup with Amber to protect his assets from someone he has only been with a few years.Vanessa, a French model and singer, approached Johnny first and he “just knew” she was the one for him. After 14 years together, and more than a few rumors of disquiet in their relationship, the two officially split in June 2012.On February 10, The Hollywood Gossip published an article claiming that there was reason to believe that Johnny Depp may have become romantically involved with his wife, Amber Heard, while he was still involved with longtime partner Vanessa Paradis. We regret the error, and we would like to issue our sincerest apologies to Mr.

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