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Vegetarian dating madison wi

Includes a forum, e-cards and information about veganism, sweatshops, parenting, gay issues, cookbook reviews and ingredient definitions.

Vegan Police Comical look at the more critical side of veganism!

London-Eating The definitive guide to eating in London.

Veg DC Vegan and vegetarian resources, restaurants, and more in Washington DC.

Veg Dining Online guide to vegetarian and vegan restaurants around the world. Updated restaurant listings and reviews to improve your veg dining experience.

" and "Shouldn't we focus on solving human problems before worrying about animals?

" Go Winner of the Veg Webbie 2006 Award: "PETA dominates the mainstream as the most high-profile proponent for animals, and this means its Go Veg website likely traffics more visitors than any other of its ilk.

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