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Video gamer geeks and dating

Rock and roll, for example, has a long history of cultural appropriation as white bands would take African-American music (such as the music of Muddy Waters) and claim it as their own creation, erasing the contribution of the people who came before.But it’s not always on the level of the Beach Boys straight-up ripping off Chuck Berry or Led Zeppelin stealing from Howling Wolf and Willie Dixon; it’s also a series of acts of profound disrespect for the culture that’s being stolen from.Hugh Jackman may be an icon as Wolverine, but nobody cares about whether or not he has an encyclopedic appreciation for the character’s long and convoluted history.Chris Evans and Ryan Reynolds may be lauded for being unabashed comic geeks, but nobody cares whether Mark Ruffalo is playing the Hulk because of the paycheck rather than out of a love for the character.

Similarly, loving nerdy shit doesn’t automatically go hand-in-hand with poor social skills or being socially awkward.

When Katy Perry dresses up like a geisha at the American Music Awards, it’s not a sign of her love and respect for Japanese culture, it’s adopting stereotyped imagery.

She’s not even embodying true geisha costuming or tradition but the Exotic Oriental Flower.

To the cultures these are being taken from, this is profoundly insulting and the implicit message is that they’re inherently lesser – a thing to provide zest to others rather than a people with their own distinct and discrete values. The stereotypical frat bro is playing Is it loving genre entertainment? The problem with trying to define geek and nerd “culture” is – as always – that it’s hardly an exclusive club. You aren’t born a nerd to nerd parents, who’re raising you in the Nerd Region of the United States with it’s long history of Nerdiness. You can’t “appropriate” nerd culture because there is no distinct culture to steal from. A person can become a geek by deciding they really like comics or superheroes or sci-fi and walk away from geekdom with all the ease of turning off a television or deleting a set of bookmarks.

Which brings us to the idea of the appropriation of nerd culture… PC gamers are a minority within geek circles; most people play games either on consoles or smartphones. The list of top 50 highest grossing movies of all time is filled with geek properties. Almost everything that people hold up as outward signs of geekiness are based around consumption.

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The implicit accusation that Olivia Munn is somehow appropriating nerd culture is that she’s an outsider, someone who’s been faking her geek cred for a decade now in order to support her career. In order to appropriate the culture, you’d have to have some concrete examples that nerd culture is somehow a separate group, with its own values, rituals and belief systems distinct from others. How, exactly, is one supposed to appropriate seeing The Force Awakens on opening day or binge-watching Daredevil on Netflix?

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