Walmart dating policy 2016

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Walmart dating policy 2016

"Still to this day, it’s about helping other associates in need.”Walmart’s ‘Downward Spiral’Murray has worked for Walmart for 14 years as a fitting room associate, but it wasn’t until about six years ago that she started seeing changes.

“It wasn’t in the better direction, it was actually in a downward spiral,” she said.

“All our stores are understaffed, and Walmart keeps them that way,” she said.

“All these shifts that are open — these are shifts that a person should be in working.”Murray said there are still some factors that have to be worked out with the new policy.

Murray and her co-workers went to morning meetings to make sure their voices were heard on these issues, went on strike several times, and gained community support.“And I could see what it was doing to the workers.”Seeing coworkers in tears after being disciplined became more commonplace.It wasn’t long before Murray found herself getting chastised by management. This is intimidation.’”Murray was shocked at her treatment, saying she had always followed directions and was on time.“And they would tell her to her face that ‘[pregnancy] was nothing but a condition.You’ll be over it soon.’”In January 2013, A Better Balance, an organization that works to enhance the lives of working families, wrote to Walmart, claiming that the corporation was violating the Americans with Disabilities Act and the 1978 Pregnancy Discrimination Act.

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Facing increased pressure, the store eventually decided to give workers the opportunity to pick up extra shifts that weren’t covered.