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However, she draws the line at spurious rumors that she's dating the newly single Antonio Banderas.

That is because Sharon Stone is NOT dating the newly single Antonio Banderas.

"I don’t talk to anyone I’ve ever worked with." Not even Sean Faris? Okay, Cam Gigandet, you might show up in tons of terrific B-movies and wear shirts in none of them, but at some point the problem is you.

He is healthy, happy, and perfect."After a fender bender early last year, Cam Gigandet is being slapped with a lawsuit from a driver he allegedly smashed into.

The "Twilight" star reportedly rear-ended the vehicle driven by Jacqueline Nia along Santa Monica boulevard on January 28th, 2012.

But then why all the rumors about Sharon Stone dating a newly single Antonio Banderas? "Antonio is a brother to me, and Melanie has been with me for each and every birth of my three children." Uh, 'journalists,' why have you been denying us this coverage of Melanie Griffith observing the birth of Sharon Stone's children all these years? Obviously zero percent of his animated or cinematic or hosting or, uh, big band work has any creative appeal, but then he goes and puts his undeniable clout behind amazing things like the reboot?

It's getting so hard to form a negative opinion about Seth Mac Farlane!

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"I don’t even have memories of her." Reader, at this point your pulse is pounding because it's like, he better not trash talk Adam Brody!

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