Who is geraldo rivera dating

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He is a cultural phenomenon and often, it seems, the punch line to some pop-culture joke.

He is no longer a dashing contrast to the slow and deliberate Hugh Downs and Barbara Walters, on ABC's 20/20 (which is what he was in the early 1980s), and he is no longer CNBC's official anchorperson for the O. Simpson murder trial (which is what he was in the mid-1990s).

Mustering a coherent sentence with great effort, I asked, "Is this a typical ride? "Typical of my life." One of Rivera's most surprising qualities is his self-awareness: at every moment, at every stage of life, he seems to know exactly where he is.

Of all the people I've interviewed, Rivera is the best at knowing when he's at the top of his game, when he's down, and when he's sunk.

But the network, which had already dispatched much of its news staff to Afghanistan, told him to stay put.

A little over a month afterward, saying that he refused to be marginalized, he used an exit clause in his contract and took an initial million pay cut to sign on as a war reporter for Fox.

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