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Truth in advertising may have originated here: This is to give Notice, that Mr Henry Jaques of Constable Burton near Middleham in Yorkshire, keeps a fine Stallion, which is near 15 Hands high, clear of all natural Infirmities, beautifully Shaped, a good Bay, and well Marked.

To submit your video, just email it to [email protected] (if it’s too big straight from your phone or too big to attach, try using a service like Dropbox or Google Drive instead), and include your name, first initial of last name, and your city/country—or, let us know if you’d like us to leave that info out.You know that brilliant invention you thought of but you don’t want to tell anyone because you’re planning to invent it some day and become a billionaire?Well you and I both know you’re not actually gonna ever do it, so tell us about it.Over time the details disappeared and pedigrees became more refined, often depending on tradition for the way they were presented. For example, there are at least four taproot mares for Family 6, two for Family 9, two for Family 12 and other families appear to overlap in some places and disconnect where they should not. There were no rules for spelling or grammar or indeed for the way a pedigree should be recited.Poor handwriting probably accounts for many irregularities.

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If you want to be involved, think of that story you tell people—can be a funny or shocking story or just one describing a particularly poignant moment in your life—and take a video of yourself telling it.

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