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Www fsis usda gov food product dating

Who manufactures your private-label products, and how do you keep the prices lower than national brand?

This should be used as a guide, since manufacturer's product formulations may change without notice to us. What's the difference between the sell-by date and the use-by date?

What if I can't find a product I enjoy at Hannaford?

Call the Hannaford Information Center at (800) 213-9040, or click here to send the Information Center a message. Our comment cards available at the registers are carefully reviewed by our merchandisers for product suggestions.

When compared to national-brand items, you will find little or no difference in the ingredients, and what variation there might be will not negatively impact quality or taste.

The companies that develop the national brands invest money in advertising and research to develop their products. Because our private-label products do not have the research and advertising overhead, we can sell the products for less.

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